Cairo Electricity Production Company
Project of Giza-north Power Station (750 * 3 M.W)

The project consists of (2) Modules each capacity is 750 MW combined-cycle, module consist of (2) gas turbine each capacity is 250 MW and (1) steam turbine capacity of 250 MW in addition to Module third the capacity of 750 MW and the project is implemented system packages with a number (17) Packages.

The project cost :

Total estimated cost for (2) Module 7.121 billion pounds, equivalent to 1.028 billion dollars + cost estimate for the third Module 3.611 billion pounds, equivalent to 626 million dollars.

Sources of funding for (3) Modules :

* European investment bank With 300 million euro

* International bank for reconstruction and development With 600 million dollar

* OPEC fund for International development With 30 million dollar

* The company will finance the rest of the cost from its self resources with 20 million dollar .

More Details

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Ground Water and Agriculture Monitoring Report

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