Cairo Electricity Production Company
IT Sector
Sector Goals

The information systems sector works to plan future goals divided into phases to support decision makers and provide them with the required information , which the delay of it may make losses changes according to the value of information required.

Creating a database for the entire sectors of the company and its various activities to support users and decision makers.

Automating all systems of the company to shift it from paper-based system to computer system.

Changing the paper- based archiving system to electronic archiving systems of all sectors of the company system .and it is known that the company applied electronic archiving system at presidency level of the company , the follow-up general department archive all documents of Mr. eng chairman of board, the contracts for new stations and information of stations of the company.

The use of documentary system "Work Flow" between different sectors of the company to transfer and exchange letters and correspondence between company officials, in order to reduce the time, effort and speed of completion of required work and non-breakdown.

Expanding in information publishing of the company through its website , and increase the volume of information available about the company, its affiliated stations, and training courses offered by the company.

Implementing the project for linking all the company's stations in the Greater Cairo with company divan through an expanded network WAN in order to exchange data between its stations and General Office at El-sabtia.

Sector Tasks

Information systems and computers sector works to implement the tasks entrusted to it in the best possible, this is done through a qualified and well trained staff has the capability to deal with the various problems and functions of the sector. The sector serves all departments in the company as the following :

Management of Information Systems Network, which was established in 2007/2008 at the General Divan and to ensure the safety and quality of communication between the servers and computers connected to it.

Management of wages and personnel affairs network through Open VMS system, which is still in operation until the end of the analysis, design and operation of pay and new personnel affairs.

Management of electronic archiving system for presidency of the company and make backups of databases and ongoing maintenance work by the server and computers connected to it.

Create new databases serve different sectors of the company and work on the continuation of its work efficiently.

Make backup copies of all corporate databases to ensure data integrity, and not lost in any case.

Managing company's electronic site and update the published data and development required work for new data about the company and publishing important news in the company.

Implemented Projects

Cairo Electricity Production company owns an integrated information network contains a local network links the computers distributed in the seven floors of the company through a sub-distributor Edge Switch in each floor and connect them with a main distributor Backbone Switch in the server’s room. There are focal points Node in most of the rooms of the Company linked with the network through sub-distributors.

In the company's efforts to cope with the technological development has been supplying a number of modern computers and printers has been tied up with the company's main Servers and permissions for each user is determined.

Cairo Electricity Production company owns a management system for pay and personnel affairs at the highest level, which is based on the Oracle database, which had replaced the old system, which was based on VMS and under the old database system Falt File & RDB.